USCIS Expands Premium Processing Services: A Phased Approach for Form I-539 Applicants

Are you currently in the US under a Nonimmigrant Status? Starting from June 13, 2023, you can now extend or change it to F-1, J-2, J-1, F-2, M-2, or M-1 Nonimmigrant Status. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is expanding its premium processing services for applicants wanting to extend or change their status using Form I-539. However, to manage the process effectively, USCIS is rolling this out in phases. Your citizenship attorney in NYC can tell you more. 

Understanding the phased rollout

The expanded service is being introduced in two stages. The first phase commenced on June 13, with USCIS accepting Form I-907, Request for Premium Processing Service, either online or via paper form. So if you’re seeking to change your status to F-1, M-2, F-2, M-1, J-2, or J-1 and your Form I-539 is currently pending, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

The second phase began on June 26, when USCIS started allowing the submission of Form I-907 requests alongside Form I-539. However, please note that the premium processing fee only covers requests for a status change. If you’re looking to extend your stay in your M-2 or M-1 status, premium processing won’t apply.

Key considerations

While the expansion of premium processing services seems convenient, bear in mind that USCIS will reject any premium processing requests received before June 13 and June 26. You should also ensure that Form I-907 is submitted in the same manner as Form I-539; if one was submitted online, the other should follow suit.

In the past, providing biometrics was a prerequisite before premium processing began. The processing timeline will only start after you or any co-applicants on Form I-539 have submitted their biometrics.

A step towards greater efficiency

The expansion of USCIS’s premium processing services is part of an effort to improve efficiency and reduce strain on the immigration system. It’s also a compliance measure with the 2022 Emergency Stopgap USCIS Stabilization Act.

Need assistance with your I-539 application?

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