Re-Registration Now Open for South Sudanese Nationals With Temporary Protected Status

In 2011, the Department of Homeland Security granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to refugees from South Sudan, due to the armed conflict and other extraordinary conditions ravaging the country. Because those dangers have not subsided, on March 8 immigration law officials announced an 18-month extension of its TPS designation, which was scheduled to end in early May. Any beneficiaries who wish to take advantage of this extension must re-register with United States Citizens and Immigration Services.

Registration Period Open

To receive an extension of protected status and valid employment authorization documents (EAD), eligible beneficiaries must re-register before June 4 of 2019. Applicants who currently enjoy TPS status must submit a completed Application for Temporary Protected Status, along with a request for EAD before the deadline. To prevent common errors that may result in delays or rejection of a petition, applicants should hire an experienced immigration law attorney to prepare their paperwork.

Employment Authorization Document Extension

While immigration law officials will process the extensions as quickly as possible, USCIS recognizes that not all applicants will have received updated EAD before the deadline passed. Therefore, they have automatically extended work authorization for current TPS beneficiaries until October 29, 2019. Those whose applications are approved will receive a new EAD valid through November 2, 2020. Because South Sudan’s TPS designation is based on long-standing conditions in that country, the Department of Homeland Security may issue another extension if the situation has not improved.

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