Minimum Wage Increases Across State and Local Jurisdictions

Here’s some great news for workers on minimum wage: Effective July 1, 2023, numerous local jurisdictions—along with two states and the District of Columbia—will be raising their minimum wage rates. Read on to understand these guidelines and the key changes in minimum wage rates.

New minimum wage rates in certain districts and states

From July 1, 2023, the District of Columbia and certain states will see an increase in their minimum wage. However, remember that some states will implement this increase according to different schedules.

  • District of Columbia: Increase to $17 per hour
  • Oregon: Increase to $13.20 (for non-urban counties), $15.45 (for Portland metro), and $14.20 (for employers not located in Portland Metro or other non-urban counties) per hour.
  • Nevada: Increase to $11.25 per hour for employers without a qualifying health plan and $10.25 per hour for those with a qualifying health plan.


Local jurisdictions boost the minimum wage.

Moreover, a host of counties and cities will be boosting their minimum wage from July 1st. Below are a few of the announced changes. Note that some local jurisdictions are yet to announce their adjusted annual rates to account for inflation.

  • Berkeley, CA: $18.07 per hour
  • Los Angeles, CA: $16.78 per hour
  • Chicago, IL: $15.80 per hour for companies with 21 or more employees and $15 per hour for businesses with 4-20 employees
  • Minneapolis, MN: $14.50 per hour for companies with 100 or fewer employees.


Important notes for business owners

Certain jurisdictions also apply these increases to tipped employees. If an employee is eligible for multiple minimum wage rates, employers are advised to adhere to the highest rate.

For businesses with remote workers located in different jurisdictions, the minimum wage in the employee’s location will apply.

If you’re unsure whether the minimum wage increase applies to your area, it’s advisable to check with local laws to ensure compliance from July 1. And for any issues or discrepancies concerning your foreign workers, consider consulting a US immigration attorney in New York for guidance.

Seeking guidance?

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