How Long Does It Take For NVC to Schedule an Interview in 2024?

Many of our clients ask our immigration attorneys in Brooklyn how long it takes for the NVC to schedule an interview.

While the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approves your petition, the process continues with the NVC for the final interview stage at a designated US Consulate or Embassy. The NVC (operating under the US Department of State) meticulously prepares your case for this interview after receiving your USCIS-approved petition. The scheduling timeframe can vary depending on several factors.

This blog dives into the NVC’s processing timeline to help you understand what to expect and what steps to take if you encounter any issues. No matter what, our experienced immigration attorneys in Brooklyn are here to support you throughout the process.

What goes into the NVC processing timeline?

The NVC processes approved petitions from the USCIS by following these stages:

Stage 1: Case creation (45 days)

During this phase, the NVC will establish your visa case and enter the necessary petition data into their system. After that, they will send you a ‘Welcome Letter’ with all the essential information, such as your invoice ID and case number. This signifies that the NVC is actively preparing your case.

Stage 2: Document submission and review (1 to 4 months)

The NVC could spend 1 to 4 months reviewing the submitted documents to ensure that every necessary document is ready for your final interview. At this point, they carefully go over every submission. If there are any delays, you can contact the NVC Public Inquiry Form, a direct link to the center for updates and inquiries. You can also consult one of our immigration attorneys in Brooklyn for assistance.

Avoid issues to secure an interview.

After the NVC reviews your documents, the next step is the ‘Document Qualified’ phase, in which your case is considered ready for the interview stage. Here’s what’s involved at this point:

  • Interview scheduling: The Consulate or US Embassy will schedule the interview appointment. Note that getting scheduled does not necessarily guarantee visa approval, but it’s a step that takes you closer to fulfilling your immigration goals.
  • Monitor the processing times: The NVC will update you weekly about the processing progress from the time they make your case to the review. This transparency helps you stay informed so you can get ready for your upcoming interview date. You can get real-time insights from the NVC’s website, but feel free to consult our immigration attorneysin Brooklyn, too.

How long do you have to wait?

The good news is that the NVC gets to work on your case as soon as they receive it from USCIS. This means they can typically schedule your interview within 3 months in most situations. However, it’s important to note that this timeframe can vary depending on how busy the specific consulate or embassy handling your case is (their consular section’s capacity).

Once you have your interview scheduled, it’s important to attend on the exact date and time. Try to avoid rescheduling if possible. Your petitioner (the person sponsoring your immigration) doesn’t need to be present at the interview — only you, the applicant, are required.

How to communicate with NVC

Use the NVC Public Inquiry Form if you have other questions or need additional support. It’s an indispensable online tool that provides a direct link to the NVC to ensure your queries are promptly addressed. If you require additional help, you can always connect with our immigration attorneys in Brooklyn here at Berd & Klauss, LLC.

What is the one-year contract requirement?

According to the Immigration and Nationality Act, you must apply for your immigrant visa within a year of getting your notice from the NVC. Otherwise, your case may be terminated. That said, if there are any unforeseen events or circumstances that can prevent your application, provisions to reinstate your petition are available. In this case, our immigration attorneys in Brooklyn can help.

Do you have other questions?

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