Re-Registration Now Open for South Sudanese Nationals With Temporary Protected Status

In 2011, the Department of Homeland Security granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to refugees from South Sudan, due to the armed conflict and other extraordinary conditions ravaging the country. Because those dangers have not subsided, on March 8 immigration law officials announced an 18-month extension of its TPS designation, which was scheduled to end in early May. Any beneficiaries who wish to take advantage of this extension must re-register with United States Citizens and Immigration Services.

How the Deportation Process Works

Failing to maintain the conditions of your visa, being convicted of a crime, or being undocumented can put immigrants at risk of deportation. When detained by ICE, many immigrants and their families have no idea what to expect, how long the process might take, or whether they should consult with an immigration attorney. The laws about this topic are subject to change. An attorney can help you stay up to date, but here’s a general primer that may be helpful.

State Department Released Updated Visa Bulletin for August 2019

The Department of State recently released its updated visa bulletin for August of 2019, which includes new final action and application filing dates for green card petitioners. If you have submitted a petition on behalf of someone else or plan to petition for permanent residency, it’s important to monitor these announcements and have your documentation ready for your immigration attorney. Below is an overview of this month’s visa bulletin.

3 Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Attorney

Whether you’re applying for an H-1B visa or pursuing U.S. citizenship, the complexity of the American immigration system can make achieving your dreams challenging. An immigration attorney can be an instrumental resource, interacting with the government on your behalf and helping you avoid common mistakes that can cause lengthy delays or a rejection of your petition entirely. Below are some of the reasons to hire an immigration law firm to represent your interests.